The End of the Road

They say life is a journey, but what happens when you get to the end of the road? 

Terminally ill eminent Oxford professor, Des Kelly, develops a new technology for sustainable energy that can address environmental pollution and global warming. His discovery will make the global oil industry obsolete. International vested interests compete to control it and acquire his research through persuasion and harassment, trying to find the lever that will secure his co-operation. But facing his own imminent mortality and unknown to his colleagues, Kelly’s ambition is to control the timing and circumstances of his death by enrolling with a voluntary euthanasia company. As he plans his demise, he is asked to mentor a young Russian scientist who has defected to the West, bringing complementary knowledge that can accelerate the commercial application of his innovation. Work pressures and Kelly’s arrangements for assisted dying on a remote Danish island lead to unexpected results – affecting family, friends, work colleagues and people he hasn’t met in different parts of the world.

The process of preparation forces him to confront some of his innermost beliefs and insecurities but leads him to his most important finding – what happens after death – and answers the conundrum: can a restless spirit ever find contentment?

ISBN: 978-1800465572
Publication date: 30 November 2021
Publisher: Matador
Price: £8.99
Editions: Paperback, ebook