The Primary Objective

For some, the primary objective is to stop a conflict, for others, the primary objective is to exercise power, but for most, the primary objective is to make money.

Peace International is a New York based global reconciliation and mediation charity that seeks to prevent wars, regional disputes and rebuild civil societies. When a tip comes in that Iran is building a chemical and biological weapons research and production centre, it soon becomes clear that where they’re considering building – close to the border with Azerbaijan – could destabilise the Gulf region and beyond.

Selecting a small team of volunteers, they form a task force to collect evidence, entering through a dangerous semi-lawless area in southern Azerbaijan. What they discover is a far more complicated web of challenges than a weapons facility. For PI Operations Director, Edwin Wilson, the mission is his most perilous yet, threatening the lives of his team and the international reputation of his organisation. But for two Iranian men, Fawaz and Jamshid, the stakes are even higher. 

Driven by contrasting personal circumstances and life chances, they face difficult choices as they seek different paths to prosperity in a controlling, repressive society that takes no prisoners…alive.

ISBN: 9781800461109
Publication date: 28 January 2021
Publisher: Troubador
Price: £8.99
Editions: Paperback, ebook, audiobook

Reader reviews

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The work is well written and has a good chance of success in the market place
We can confidently state that the work was found to be an entertaining, intricate and unpredictable geopolitical thriller, with a wide ranging scope and an engaging manner of dialogue. The Board commended the ambition of your storytelling and the accessibility of your writing.
I have been discussing various aspects of your story and have agreed that your novel is well-written with an absorbing narrative