The Value of Luck

Ciller Terzili, a young Turkish woman, is thrown into the maelstrom of her father’s business when he falls into depression after most of her family are suddenly killed in a tragic accident.

Her story is one of trust and disappointment, as those she confides in let her down with tragic consequences. As a result she becomes stronger and establishes herself as a leading but unlikely figure in the European underworld. For Terzili, her motivation is the perpetual search for security that no man can provide.

Together with her notoriety, the trail of her highly profitable criminal enterprises, brings her to the attention of Phil Marshall from the UK’s National Crime Agency. Marshall sees her arrest as an essential career step towards fulfilling his ambition of bringing an international crime syndicate to justice. Opposing forces of good and evil are destined to collide.

There can only be one winner – that is THE VALUE OF LUCK…

ISBN: 978-1805140337
Publication date: 25 September 2023
Publisher: Matador
Price: £8.99
Editions: Paperback, ebook