Portillo knows The Value of Luck

Interesting listening to Michael Portillo, former Prime Ministerial contender, but now better known for his epic global railway journeys on TV, crediting his hugely successful change in career to a documentary he made about his family’s experiences in the Spanish Civil War. He acknowledges he has personally experienced the value of luck in his own career as well as receiving the final publishers prelaunch copy of the book with the same name to read when he wants a break from his Bradshaw’s reference guide. He and others can now take the opportunity to discuss the work in a new online book club, The Pigeonhole https://thepigeonhole.com/books/the-value-of-luck from 27 November, download a new excerpt each day and share their comments with each other and the author. It’s a great way to give it a try and find out more about the featured characters and locations.