“Put yourself in the mind of the character you’re writing about” – Faulks

Celebrated journalist and novelist Sebastian Faulks needs no introduction to readers of quality fiction, although keeping pace with his output is a challenge! 

Driving home from the Cliveden Literature Festival I tried to remember them all but was struggling from number 14 onwards.

His latest, Snow Country is out now.

What really marks Faulks out as a legend is his ability to change his style from book to book – a skill he sought to pass on to Martin Venning.

“The essence of a good read is the authors’ ability to get inside the mind of the character they are writing about and its certainly something I focus on”, he says.

Although coy about his future plans, it is clear that his prolific output is due to his self-discipline where he says he aims to write 1000 words a day.

Combined with Val McDermid’s advice, Martin Venning can expect to further develop his own distinctive style and storylines as he prepares to release his next novel in the new year.