The Primary Objective proving a hit with critics

It is always tough for a debut fiction author to get attention in the market, but Martin Venning has been doing better than most.
Given the limitations caused by the pandemic, the year so far has been good for writers hunting for readers and it appears books in the thriller genre have been leading the way.
“Whatever your taste, the best thing about a good book is its ability to take your mind away from the realities of everyday life”, said Martin.
“The Primary Objective is a great example. It is set in a beautiful part of the world people don’t know much about with believable characters and plots which keeps the reader guessing to the end. It`s an opportunity to engage in a bit of escapism”.
Certainly the book has received its fair share of positive reaction from critics and bloggers, with a majority agreeing with the publishers who first read the manuscript.
Among the comments, according to A Little Book Problem:
“A detailed and rewarding plot for those who enjoy a complex and well researched story”.
The Daily Mirror Book Club concludes:
“It will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole way through”.
The Dorset Book Detective observes:
“Fast paced plot…believable and relatable…”
The Yorkshire Times notes: “The narrative …serves to provide a visual understanding of the area as an insight into the complex world of political dealing and double dealing which occurs”.
Linda of Boots, Shoes & Fashion singles the book out for having “Strong characters…unexpected twists… (and being) a page turner”.
Do you agree?