Available Now! The Primary Objective has been achieved

The Primary Objective, the new geo-political thriller is now available for sale, almost two months ahead of its production schedule. 

The 400 page novel, a year in the creating, set in Manchester, London, Azerbaijan and Iran is the perfect lockdown companion, providing a gripping tale of intrigue a world away from the daily grind of the pandemic and Brexit. 

Its launch is perfectly timed giving those rediscovering the appeal of reading for pleasure an entertaining alternative to the annual procession of “classic” repeats on TV over the festive season. 

Apart from providing an enthralling plot, the book offers an insight into daily life in this relatively unknown Near East location. 

“The book was an adventure for me”, said rookie author, Martin Venning. 

“I started writing as a result of being injured in an accident, really as something to do when I was immobile. It wasn’t planned. I just sat at the computer each day wondering what was going to happen to the characters I created. I’m amazed it all came together. 

What is interesting is that some of those involved affect the outcomes for others without even meeting. It really shows sometimes what a small world we all live in”. 

Although widely travelled, there are some places which the author has yet to visit. 

“Politics aside, there is no doubt this is a truly unique place in the world with a fantastic largely undiscovered culture and heritage. The Primary Objective didn’t have the space for me to write more on the topic but I am continuing my research. When times get better, I have some of these destinations on my bucket list”. 

The Primary Objective is available to order on line now, through Troubador at £8.99 ahead of being stocked by many of the country’s leading booksellers. 

Just follow the link here