What do you want from a good read?

Knowledge entertainment, challenge? 

As someone new to the world of writing, I’m curious to know what the leisure reader wants from a novel and whilst I put together plans for a follow up to The Primary Objective, I’m interested in hearing your opinions. Who knows? Maybe I can join one of your online debates. I am always happy to join you on Teams or Zoom to contribute a reading and discuss your reactions. 

Personally, I wonder sometimes about comprehensive novels which explain absolutely everything involved in a plot.  

It seems to me there has to be an element left to the imagination.  

In The Primary Objective I provide some thought about the future diverse life experiences of the characters but I can`t be sure if my assessment of their prospects was accurate. 

What I think I do know is that adventure fiction like The Primary Objective should be woven with elements of fact and retain an element of mystery to the end. 

So did it end well for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

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